Guardian: The Guard of Legion

by Christo Rossouw

This adventure begins in a small mining town in the North Western province of South Africa, on a night just like any other, when an evil entity descents from a distant world on to ours. With it, it brings a vast army, invisible to the eye, but very real and indeed, powerful enough to disturb the balance of the Universe.

In this dark hour, mankind calls out for a champion and it is through an ancient force, alien to us, that this call is answered. A force so ancient, that its origin is unknown to all, but an outsider that has observed the course of our history, and befriended us through the centuries.

The city of Atlantis, although hidden from the rest of the world, is now home to an advanced human race and the keeper of this ancient power. This force known as the Guard of Legion, was now once again resurrected in the likes of four reluctant heroes of earthly decent.

Among them is their leader, an unlikely warrior, enhanced with a power so intense, that it stands to challenge any force in the Universe. To unlock his true potential through, he must first find himself and in a sense become a man. As the only being capable of defeating the evil warlord called Malicious, the destiny of the world rests on his shoulders. He is the Guardian, the champion of mankind and the leader of the most elite fighting force in the universe.