The Bug Bucket

Attracts and Traps, Repels and Kills

Keep Bugs at bay with The Bug Bucket!

  • Mosquito trap by switching on the light and let those pesky mosquitoes be sucked into The Bug Bucket.
  • Turn it into a fly trap by adding fly bait to attract and trap them in The Bug Bucket.
  • Kill pests like flies and mosquitoes by adding insecticide to The Bug Bucket.
  • Turn it into an air conditioner by adding water and ice for a cool breeze on warm days.
  • Add essential oils or aromas to make the room smell pleasant in mere moments.

The Bug Bucket comes with a 5000 mAh solar charger to use it where ever you are. This makes it perfect for camping or the outdoors when enjoying a braai. The Bug Bucket will make sure those pesky flies and mosquitoes stay away when enjoying activities whether they be indoors or outdoors.