Sanitise on the GO

Wear your sanitiser on your wrist!

The Silent Killer

Mosquitoes kill over 725 000 people each year. This is most apparent in rural areas, with Lampellent any light bulb can be turned into a mosquito or insect repellent.

Don't be left in the Dark

Where will you be when the lights go out? Be prepared with Re-Lit the recharging back-up light that slips onto any existing light bulb.

Practice makes all the Difference

Make sure they get all the practice they need before real-life comes. Do it with the Rossouw Med Universal Trauma / Wound Simulation Kit for First Aid Manikins.

Everyone Deserves Electricity

Living in a rural area shouldn’t be the reason that you don’t have light at night. Let Window-Sol light up your nights as a window mounted, Multi-function, Solar powered battery bank, light and alarm.

Download our Sci-Fi Book

This adventure begins in a small mining town in the North Western province of South Africa, on a night just like any other, when an evil entity descents from a distant world on to ours.

Sanitise-O-Ring: The sanitise bangle on the GO

Keep some sanitiser on you at all times!

What is Sanitise-O-Ring?
It is a re-usable, liquid sanitiser or soap dispensing bangle manufactured from clear, medical, non-toxic PVC tubing. Where the bangle is joined is a nozzle to quickly spray the content by gently squeezing both sides of the tube.

∙It is re-usable and can be refilled as many times as needed

A Greener Tomorrow

We strive to make cleaner and more greener products that help conserve the environment.

Efficiency is Key

We believe in creating efficient products that go well above user expectations and yield excellent results.

Affordable Design

To improve quality of life we also strive to create affordable and cost effective products.

Solutions for everyday Tasks

Technological solutions that are greener, more efficient and cost effective all at the same time

Hangman Winner

Klerksdorp’s Christo Rossouw has escaped the noose and has been named the winner of Cell C’s thrilling reality show Hangman walking away with R1-million prize money.

The idea that won Rossouw the R1 million prize is mosquito repellent lamps. The lamps require no additional security to work and the diffuser is compatible with refills from all major brands. The product will be distributed in three big supermarket chains through Fever Tree.

Creativity can Solve almost any Problem

Christo Rossouw firmly believes in creating solutions for real world problems. Problems that not everyone has to experience, but those who do needs to face it on a daily basis.

All the products from Rossouwtech was inspired, designed and created with this in mind. More over all of these products was meticulously made to have little to no impact on the environment, be affordable and cost effective.

Some of our Happy Clients:

John Doe

Exceptional Service & Advice.

CEO of CEO-Corp


CEO of CEO-Corp

Exceptional Service & Advice.

Doe John

Very great advice and exceptional service.

CEO at Corp-CEO


CEO at Corp-CEO

Very great advice and exceptional service.