Re-Lit - Don't be left in the Dark

Self-sustaining backup light.

Lighting is a basic necessity not only in the home, but also at the work place. Light does not only make us feel safe in the dark, but it is also a necessity for us to function at night.
The majority of all lighting products requires electricity to function. Lighting is responsible for around 25% of global electricity consumption annually.
The Global electricity supply is under increasing strain as the demand for electricity grows along with the population and as our natural resource supplies dwindle.
Because of this we are experiencing more regular electricity interruptions or “Load shedding” exercises to regulate consumption.

When the lights suddenly go out, we struggle through our dark dwellings to get a hold of some form of light so we can feel safe again or just to enable us to function in the dark.

Is it not ironic how you never seem to be able to find the box of matches to light up the candle or how the batteries in your flashlight or emergency light always seems to be flat when you need it most?

We have found the solution!

At Rossouwtech we have developed a novel, environmentally friendly backup light called RE-LIT, especially to deal with power outages and wasteful electricity consumption. RE-LIT is a “self-sustaining” backup or secondary light that simply slides over or onto an LED or fluorescent bulb or tube. It fits into most light structures where it is not only out of sight until you need it, but also perfectly situated to provide light in a room.

Unlike most rechargeable backup lights, this device does not effecting the main lamp’s functionality or light quality while the power is still on, because it does not replace the main lamp, it simply complements it. The device is equipped with a mini solar panel that captures excess light from the main bulb or tube to recharge an internal battery that can provide up to six hours of secondary light in the event of a power failure, or simply to conserve electricity.

RE-LIT is a revolutionary device that effectively recycles electricity to function, making it a source of renewable energy inside the home.

RE-LIT is operated with a mini glow-in-the-dark remote that is easy to find in the dark when the lights suddenly go out. The remote is universal and several devices can be operated by a single remote. This makes RE-LIT an affordable and effective backup lighting system for the home and office.

RE-LIT is an off-the-shelf, DIY product and no wiring is required for installation.

New invention set to keep the lights on

from the SABC3 Expresso Show