Window-Sol - Bring Electricity to the most Rural of Areas

A window mounted, Multi-function, Solar powered battery bank.

Window-sol. A window mounted, Multi-function, Solar powered battery bank.

Window-sol is a solar powered device that is fitted on the inside of a window casting or onto a window sill. Installation is easy and no wiring is required.

·The device is equipped with a remote operated led light that can provide up to ten hours of light. This light can be used as a main light source in dwellings not equipped with electricity, as an electricity saving light in electrified homes or an emergency light in the event of a power outage.

·A build-in battery charger charges 8x AAA or AA sized batteries that powers the various functions of the window-sol device. Only 4 batteries are used at any one time, leaving 4 batteries free as backup power or to be used in other appliances.

·A USB port on the device delivers 5V DC that is perfect for charging cell phones or tablets. In rural areas this function will ensure that there is always a source communication available. Electrified homes can use this function to minimize unnecessary electricity waste by leaving charging devices plugged in.

·Window-sol is also equipped with a motion sensor alarm that picks up movement at the window sill area. When the sensor detects an intruder it sets of an alarm with flashing lights. This is meant to identify the point of entry to the occupant and make the perpetrator visible in the dark or to scare the intruder away. Safety is a great asset in both developed and rural areas.


These functions makes Window-sol a necessity in rural areas and in electrified homes.

Around 1.1 billion people worldwide—roughly the population of India—are still living without access  to electricity with most concentrated in Africa and Asia.

Another 2.9 billion rely on wood or other biomass or fuels for lighting and cooking resulting in indoor and outdoor air pollution attributable for around 4.3 million deaths each year.

A lack of electricity also renders these people without any form of safety at night and costly batteries are the only form of electricity to operate appliances that more developed households take for granted.
Even charging a mobile phone to have some source of communication is an effort in these rural areas.

Window-Sol Explained: