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RE-LIT takes second prize in the Inventors Garage competition at the annual Innovation Summit held in Cape Town in September. More than 320 entities took part in the individual contests that span over three days.

Christo Rossouw, the inventor of Re-lit, receives his award and price money of R12 000  at the TIA Inventors Garage competition.

CellCHangman - Movember Man

CellCHangman Christo Rossouw the Movember Man

The winner walks away with R1 million and a chance to change the market landscape. Simply tune in to watch Hangman on eTV every Sunday at 11:50am from Sunday 08 October to Sunday 10 December, and download the Cell C Reality app to engage with “The Exchange” to back your favourite contestant, in order to stand a chance of winning these amazing prizes!

Cell C Hangman - Episode 1 - 10

Hangman is a live, high-paced, high-stakes and unscripted innovation competition.

The winner walks away with R1 million and a chance to change the market landscape. A global first, the revolutionary new show immerses viewers in the reality of unscripted television. Hangman is a search for SA’s greatest innovator, in which viewers can help determine the outcome by investing in contestants via a virtual stock exchange or offering actual physical support.

Expresso Show - New invention set to keep the lights on

On the Expresso show today:

Inventor finds a novel approach that could keep the lights on during load-shedding. Stalk Expresso, we like it!

Window-Sol Explained:

Short video that explains how Window-Sol works.

Lampellent Promotional Video:

Short commercial video.