BugBucket & Power Bank (Fan Diffuser)


his fan-based device is the most powerful diffuser around!

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This fan-based device is the most powerful diffuser around!
The fan diffuser amplifies the properties of the content that is placed inside of the bucket.
Use it for insect control or health and wellness.
Easy to use and easy to clean.
This robust product is functional with off-the-shelf products, making it the affordable choice for use indoors and outdoors.
ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER (Create a pleasant smell, enjoy medical benefits, repel insects).
AIR CONDITIONER (Add ice and cold water to cool the air).
INSECT TRAP (Add a bait or attracting agent. Insects are attracted to the light & sucked in by the fan. Optional – Use the light on the power bank to attract insects at night).
INSECTICIDE / REPELLENT DIFFUSER (Insects in the area are killed or repelled by the vapor).
AIR REVITALISER / CLEANER (Add water and dis-infectant. Air is sucked in by the fan, dust and air pollutants are left behind in the water while clean air is blown out).

Additional information

10 000 mAh Solar

Up to 8 Hours of Backup


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